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SRS (Shooting Range Software)

SRS focuses on officer performance at the firearms range. This system records endless range sessions specific to officer firearm scores, qualifications, and remedial testing. In addition, SRS also works as an asset management software for all agency firearms. SRS captures firearm make, model, caliber, weapon type, owner, and service records. These records are then easily reported to range and command staff with minimal effort.


  • Records test and qualification scores for law enforcement officers
  • Documents remedial training sessions and outcomes
  • Asset management tool for all weapon types
  • Notates weapon service records
  • Provides historical data on all qualifications, weapons, service records, and remedial sessions

  • Advanced reporting
  • Provides insightful data for departmental qualification course selection
  • Seamless and simple data entry/retrieval for range staff
  • Safe and secure meeting all industry standards
  • Readily available in or out of the range


Quick access

Lets officers write reports and access data rapidly

Intuitive interface

Makes data input and access easy, fast, and accurate.

Intelligent design

Supports requirements for NIBRS reporting and Clery compliance.

Mobile-ready solution

Frees up patrol to spend more time on the streets, back-office and court etc.

Flexible platform

Lets you customize LEA IT to fit the needs of your department and each individual user without the expense of a custom implementation.

Affordable implementation models

Includes hosting and sharing by multiple agencies give you options that suit your budget and technology resources.


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