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LEA IT is the product of a partnership between a police veteran and outstanding technologists who possesses a shared passion for law enforcement. The company founders identified the need agencies had for unique software solutions and the significant impact they yielded. The success of the company is attributed to their commitment of exceptional software solutions, superb customer care, and their ability to disrupt all entry barriers that plague most law enforcement entities.

LEA IT is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company is led by a ten-year police veteran, who is also a senior technical team member. LEA IT understands the exigent needs of law enforcement because it was founded by public servant.

LEA IT engages government agencies and projects of all scales with their simplistic approach to technology. We have become an innovation leader in the dynamic and challenging environment of law enforcement. This has been accomplished to our partnerships with local law enforcement and ability to listen to client needs.


  • Rapidly assign court dates to agency personnel
  • Obtain a high level view of court schedules
  • Allows a more organized approach to scheduling law enforcement officers for court proceedings
    Provides personnel with a view into future, potential, and available court hearings
  • Delivers instant information behind a law enforcement officer’s absence from court proceedings 
    Reduces the amount of misinformation to court officials 
  • Organizes court documents (End users are capable of attaching files to specific court dockets and/or incident report numbers)
  • Grants court officials the capability of retrieving entire report files for specific incidents without the need to call upon investigating or court liaison officer 
  • Ability to assign different security levels to end users
  • Advanced reporting 

Process and Technology Consulting

We have experienced agencies that have a need for technical consulting of implemented processes and systems from different vendors that are currently in use. LEA IT offers technical consultants that have worked and partnered with major software vendors to bring agencies rapid solutions to prolonged issues.

Technical Project Management

Personnel at LEA IT are experienced professionals in the realm of new software and process adoptions. We are experienced in Big Bang and controlled software adoptions. We work with outside vendors and agency stake holders to insure that on-time and in-budget project needs are met. We know how to allocate resources and how integral it is for stake holders to understand the project management cycle.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.